Kori Xclusive Events was all started from a desire to bring families together. We've been operating as family party planners in Tooting since 2014, giving families an excuse to get together and have a fantastic time. We can put on almost any event you can think of, for any reason you can imagine. Whether it's a birthday, an engagement or a graduation, we'll put on a party built around your needs and what you want. Great food, great music, great activities – everything you need to have the best time with the family and make memories to last a lifetime!

young adults at colour festival walking through crowds



Why We Do What We Do




As you may have guessed, family is at the heart of everything we do. Kori Xclusive Events is a family-run business and, as we're sure you can imagine, we're no strangers to the occasional squabble! That's just part of living, being together and loving one another – we wouldn't have it any other way! We work as family event organisers in Tooting because we want to see families reconnect and share exciting, fun events that they can enjoy together. We want to see people rebuild relationships, share memories and, above all, have fun!


What You Can Expect 

Kori Xclusive Events serving food to family and friends at picnic in the common

Food :

We're pretty decent cooks here at Kori Xclusive so, if we're running a beach trip or a picnic in the park, you can be sure there'll be loads of great food! We make classic Caribbean and African food, with our heritage stretching back to Ghana and Jamaica. So, look forward to some goat curries and banging jerk chicken at your next event!

children running in field towards camera dressed in fancy dress at Halloween themed party

Fun :

We're all about fun, as family event organisers in Tooting. The more fun you can have together, the better the memories you'll create. We're here to make that fun easy and accessible, so the whole family won't be able to help but ask “when are we doing this again?” Nobody understands you like family.

Kori Xclusive Events family playing board games on beach

Family :

Speaking of which – what ties everything together is you! When you bring the ones you love together, we promise you won't be able to help but have a great time. Family is the focus of our entire service – it's why we do what we do. At our events, you can expect to make memories and rekindle relationships that really matter.